8. July 2013 | 13:07

When should all the symptoms have disappeared?

When do you get your healthy baby back? Don’t worry - if your child with CMA has been prescribed a suitable formula, you are already half-way there!


After starting on a suitable formula (or eliminating cows' milk from your diet if breastfeeding) you will need to give some time for symptoms to improve. Studies have shown an improvement of eczema and disappearance of other symptoms (e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea) within 3 days on an amino acid formula (AAF). Another study shows resolution of CMA-related gastrointestinal symptoms within 14 days on an AAF. But be careful: do not stop feeding the specialised formula the minute your baby’s symptoms have disappeared as they will return once cows' milk re-enters the diet. Your child's Doctor will advise you on how long to continue the specialsed formula.

EHF can be potentially allergenic in some children with CMA

If your infant is on an extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF) and symptoms do not improve after two to four weeks, your doctor might consider switching to an amino-based formula (AAF).If symptoms do not disappear on AAF, it is time for another look at the diagnosis.