8. August 2011 | 12:51

CMA and weaning onto replacement formulas

Breast milk or formula milk is absolutely sufficient as the sole source of nutrients for the first six months of life.

After this your baby will be looking forward to a greater variety and the first solid foods can be introduced into his or her diet. Even at this stage, milk – breast or formula – will remain a very important source of nutrients.

Under six months

If your baby is under six months and not yet ready for solid foods, you should switch to feeding a suitable formula for CMA infants. Substitute formulas such as eHF and AAF provide all the necessary nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop healthily. 

Just over six months

If your baby is just over six months and has recently started on solid foods, he or she will still need breast milk or specialised formula.

Over 12 months

If your baby is older and eating more solid foods, there usually is less need for breast milk or formula. In this case, it will be quite possible to satisfy its hunger with the kind of solid foods similar to those eaten by the rest of the family. If your child has CMA, the specialised formula may still play an important role in the nutrition as some foods will have to be avoided. Especially, if your child isn’t a great eater, it’s important to let him or her catch up with the help of the formula. Specialised formula can be added to foods to boast the nutritional value and some substitute cows' milk formula (CMF) are available right up to the age of 10 years.