5. August 2011 | 17:12

What about soya and other milks?

Can I use soya or any other type of milk formula?

Soya formula is widely available and is made from soya beans. It is not appropriate to use soya formula if you baby has CMA.

There are 2 reasons for this:

    1. Soya formula is not recommended by Healthcare Professionals for infants aged under 6 months (except in very specific medical conditions e.g. galactosaemia).

    2. In babies with CMA, there is a high risk that they will also be allergic to soya.

The following milks are also not suitable for CMA:

  • Lactose Free formula contain cows' milk and are not indicated for CMA.
  • 'Comfort' or 'Stay down' infant formulae are manufactured from cows' milk and are not suitable for CMA.
  • Infant formula based on animal milks such as goat's milk are not nutritionally appropriate for infants with CMA.
  • Although it is not typically used as an infant milk formula, it is also important to be aware that rice milk is not permitted for use in children aged under 4.5 years.