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Skin rashes and itching, when affecting children, make life very difficult for both the parents and their offsprings. Very often, a change of diet can do the trick, as was the case with Max, who had a cows' milk allergy ...

When our son Max* was two and a half months old, he developed a severe red and very itchy rash on his cheeks. Very soon, his chin, ears and neck also turned very red and at four months even his scalp, back, tummy, legs and nappy area were also affected. It was really terrible, Max kept scratching himself and tried to rub against anything he could find. He got very tetchy, cried most of the time, had problems going to sleep and kept waking up during the night. For me it was all but impossible to eat or concentrate on my work as I was always tired. Although we felt terribly sorry for Max, we were really at the end of our tether.

During this time we went from one doctor to the next, each of them recommended something different. We really tried everything: steroids, antimykotics, antihistamines, mite-free bedding, carpet shampoo suitable for allergy sufferers, air cleaners, filtering the bathwater, chlorine free nappies and towels, bedding and clothes made of pure cotton ... As my wife was breast-feeding, she went on a diet herself in order to eliminate all possible allergens. This did not help either, so we tried switching to bottle-feeding using a hydrolysed formula. But even on this his skin did not get any better.

Finally, it was a paediatrician recommended by a friend who found the solution.

Having listened to our account of the problems he suspected cow’s milk allergy and prescribed Neocate. We tried this immediately and luckily Max happily accepted the switch. And his skin rash improved almost overnight. After only a week he slept much better, cried a lot less and the rash had all but disappeared. We could hardly believe how quickly this change happened – he was a different child altogether.

Max is now a happy, healthy baby and we are so glad that his time of suffering is over.

*) Name changed and not an actual picture of Max

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