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Tummy ache, spitting and bloating can all be symptoms for cows' milk allergy. For little Klara, switching to a special formula was a great help. Read her story as told by her mother...

Klara* was only about two weeks old when it all started. Almost every time after being breast-fed, she brought up more or less all she had drunk in one big gush. It was quite obvious that this also caused her pain as it made her scream as well as writhe and twist. Her tummy ache was so bad that soon we were unable to lay her on her back.

She immediately became all tense and we were also afraid that she could start to vomit and choke. She was really very poorly, crying continuously and there was nothing we could do to calm her.

We had a suspicion quite soon, as our elder son was diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy at the age of two months. I know too that allergens can be passed on through breast milk. That’s why I stopped eating anything containing milk straight away and also other foods as well (eggs, nuts, soya). But this did not really help either and soon I was at a loss as to what to eat. To ensure an adequate supply of nutrients, our paediatrician recommended supplementing Klara’s diet with a hydrolysed formula.

Unfortunately, this didn’t improve her condition either, on the contrary, all of a sudden she also had blood and mucus in her stools. We were now really at the end of our tether and just kept arguing and crying. Changing my diet, which did the trick when Klara’s big brother was having these problems, did not help at all this time. We also tried several hydrolysed formulas, but all to no avail. The worst thing about it was watching Klara in pain and being unable to help her.

Then a friend of my mother’s mentioned a similar case to me. She then enquired on our behalf and came up with Neocate. We talked to our paediatrician about it, he agreed, we tried it and it helped! This meant that I kept on breastfeeding (still sticking to my rigid diet) but also giving Neocate. And that was the first time that Klara drank without crying afterwards or bringing the lot up again. We even had the feeling that for the first time she had really drank her fill. Klara is now nine months old , still drinking Neocate but also eating normal soft mashed food, only her milk pudding is still made with Neocate. Meanwhile she is almost on her correct weight. All in all I can say that everything turned out for the better when we finally managed to find the right feed. What a relief ...

*) Name changed and not a actual image of Klara and her mother.

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