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All babies cry a lot, but some mothers know instinctively that there is something wrong with their child, as was the case with Ben ...

Ben’s* life started with a nightmare – for him and for us. Practically from his day of birth he cried nonstop. We soon realised that something was wrong with him but we didn’t know what. Ben was constipated, didn’t sleep and refused the breast.

He had been born weighing 3600 g, but he hardly put on any weight, by the time he was one month just a measly 200 g. Quite soon he was therefore considered to be development-delayed. At the age of five month he was far from the healthy average. On top of that he suffered one otitis (inflammation of the middle ear) after the other. During the first weeks of his life we were at the paediatrician’s surgery almost every day. We were all so miserable, we couldn’t sleep and I almost went mad. We were that worried.

Funnily enough, our paediatrician found out quite soon that Ben was suffering from a food allergy. One would have thought that things started to improve then, but no.

As I was breastfeeding, we first tried to eliminate all foods usually suspected to trigger allergies from my diet - that means dairy products, eggs, soya, nuts, beef etc.

Unfortunately this didn’t help. Then we tried two different anti-reflux medications. They did help at first, but only for a few hours, then Ben started to scream again.

When Ben was five months old, our paediatrician referred us to a children’s gastroenterologist who prescribed yet another anti-reflux drug. I kept on breastfeeding, but my diet was so restricted by then that I lost quite a bit of weight (which was probably also partly due to my lack of sleep). Ben’s symptoms improved a bit, but he did not put on any weight. When, at 18 (!!) months he still weighed only 8,5 kg, our doctor recommended Neocate Active (to this day, it is a mystery to us why he waited so long). Within the next four months, Ben gained 2 kg. At last he’s doing fine, he is a happy child and we can stop worrying all the time, also we can sleep again!

Ben now eats normal food without cow’s milk, instead of which he drinks Neocate.

We can also cook many yummy dishes using the many Neocate recipes.

*) Name changed

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