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Many children suffer from respiratory tract infections. Not many people know that a cows' milk allergy can be the cause of chronic respiratory problems. Anna had these problems from very early on...

Anna* was born a healthy child and we were happy. Due to my mastitis (inflammation of the breast) I only managed to breastfeed for a few days, but I was well informed and went on to feed her a hypoallergenic formula, as I am allergic myself and have very bad hay fever and I wanted to do my best to protect Anna from allergies. She did thrive, though she did get a very dry and sensitive skin. At five months, she developed a bad cold with breathing problems. She wheezed and puffed especially after feeding. We first put this down to her severe cold, but even after two weeks it didn’t get better. It was so bad sometimes that she could hardly breathe and we were really worried.

She was also badly congested and even had several inflammations of the middle ear. We took her to an ENT doctor we know, but he just said that this happens a lot at that age and prescribed a decongestant. But this didn’t help, in fact, it just got worse. We even had to drive to a children’s clinic one Sunday, because we were afraid she may suffocate as she had such problems breathing. There she was seen by a very young paediatrician who pointed out that this could be cow’s milk allergy. We were sceptical – could the hypoallergenic formula be causing such severe respiratory symptoms?

He recommended Neocate, which we fetched from the chemist straight away. It was like a miracle, just a few hours after the first meal she was much better. Fed on Neocate here breathing problems disappeared completely. Anna was a different child and seemed to realise how good this formula was for her. Our paediatrician subsequently did a few tests and confirmed the diagnosis CMA. He was quite surprised, he had never come across such symptoms with a cow’s milk allergy. Now Anna is eating lots of normal foods and drinks Neocate Active, she is now one year old and a healthy, happy child who gives us a lot of joy.

*) Name changed

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